Rourke’s Park-Rocky, Chimney Rock, Blaeberry, Seefin Long and Seefin Round ( the Mournes)

8 July, 2012 @ 10:30 – 17:30

Meet at Mynt car park 10:30am
Or at Water Commissioners Gates Head Rd, Annalong at 12 noon

Directions to Water Commissioners Gates – On the coast road from Newcastle to Annalong, about a mile short of Annalong, turn right into Quarter Rd at the filling station passing the Water Commissioners gates at the top of it where it becomes the Head Rd. The Water Commissioner Gates are to your right after a sharp left hand bend
Grid Reference: J 357224 Map: Sheet 29

Starting from the Water Commissioners Gates, we approach Rocky Mountain along a lane (Rouke’s Park) and once we have reached bare mountainside we walk up a disused cart-track ’til we reach the foot of Rocky. No guesses here as to its industrial past. These mountains’ attraction was the short distance to ports such as Annalong or Kilkeel, making it easier to transport the newly cut slabs of granite to the ships which carried it to Liverpool. The quarries extend high up this mountain. Once at the top, we will then make the easy descent to the Mourne Wall. On crossing it, we will climb Chimney Rock Mountain, pass its “chimneys” to reach its summit above the Irish Sea, descending over a carpet of heather and blueberries via the Long Mountain and Blaeberry Mountain ’til we reach and cross Spences River, returning to the starting point over Long Seefin and Round Seefin