Slieve Donard and/or Slieve Commedagh, Mournes

10 April, 2016 @ 10:30 – 18:30

Meet at Dunbar Link (beside Arnotts) car park 10:30am
Or at 11.45am at the car park Donard Park Car Park, Newcastle.

We’ve a possibility of two walks here, Donard or Commedagh. Donard is the more challenging one, and is very busy as everyone wants to claim that they’ve climbed the highest mountain in Ulster. Commedagh is much easier. There isn’t much of a difference in the length of the walks; as you know it’s the height climbed which makes the difference. We will decide on the day who climbs what when we meet in Donard Park.

This time we are climbing the highest mountain in the province of Ulster. The views from it are over the Irish Sea and to the North on a clear day much of Counties Down and Antrim can be seen. To the West much of the High Mournes can be seen. Even in poor conditions, there is shelter behind one of the faces of the Mourne Wall.

I’ve offered to lead a walk to its smaller neighbour, Commedagh. Depending on conditions, I can take walkers along the Brandy Pad past the Commedagh Castles and the short distance over the Slieve Beg to marvel at the Devil’s Coach Road. We would retrace our steps and then climb Commedagh up past the top of the castles to the summit. This is an easy climb, so I’ve rebranded it moderate. Once at the top, the views are down the Annalong Valley, and once over that ever present Mourne Wall, we will descend on to Shanslieve before re-entering Donard Park. There’s a pub just beside the car park!