Calendar of Events

Please note: The time displayed in the summary of each event (usually 10:30) is the time we meet at the initial meeting point (usually Dunbar Link car park) and NOT the time the group will be at the starting point of the walk. Please read the walk description for full details.

Sallagh Braes and Agnews Hill
Oct 30 @ 10:30 – 17:00

Ulster Way, Co. Antrim: Knockdhu, Sallagh Braes, Agnew’s Hill

Meet: 10.30am Mynt
Or meet at Lindford Car Park adjoining the Sallagh Braes at 11:45am
(OS Map Sheet 9 – 335-0725)

This is an interesting and easy linear walk (about 10km long) so we will need to park cars at either end of the walk.

Best route from Belfast is to head north along the M2. Then take the A8 towards Larne.

Cars without passengers should head straight to the car park on Shane’s Hill Road (A36).
Google ref for this road is:
href=”http://maps. uk/maps?f= q&source=s_q&hl=en&q=Shanes+Hill+ Rd,+County+ Antrim,+United+ Kingdom&sll=54.884063, -5.883007&sspn=0.016811, 0.038495&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=FfGiRAMd- uql_w&split=0&hq=&hnear=Shanes+ Hill+Rd,+ County+Antrim, +United+Kingdom&ll=54.827392, -5.903778&spn=0.139624, 0.307961&z=12&iwloc=A” target=”_blank”>http://maps. uk/maps?f= q&source=s_q&hl=en&q=Shanes+Hill+ Rd,+County+ Antrim,+United+ Kingdom&sll=54.884063, -5.883007&sspn=0.016811, 0.038495&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=FfGiRAMd- uql_w&split=0&hq=&hnear=Shanes+ Hill+Rd,+ County+Antrim, +United+Kingdom&ll=54.827392, -5.903778&spn=0.139624, 0.307961&z=12&iwloc=A

[Turn left off the A8 onto the A36 at Kilwaughter; continue for 5-6 km; after the junction with the Upper Ballyboley Road, look for the lay-by on the A36, just beside the forest.]

Wait for the other cars to arrive from Linford – and if possible, offer the drivers a lift to Linford.

Cars with passengers should drive to Linford:

[Follow the A8 towards Larne; turn left onto the B148 in the direction of Cairncastle; in Cairncastle, turn left onto the Ballycoose Road leading to Feystown Road, heading for Linford; continue uphill until the saddle where there’s a car park on the left at Linford enclosures.] Google ref for Feystown Rd (marker is too far along it, but you will not mistake the Sallagh Braes as they are so distinctive!):
http://maps. uk/maps?f= q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=Feystown+Rd, +Glenarm, +Ballymena, +County+Antrim+ BT44,+United+ Kingdom&sll=54.930226, -5.953913&sspn=0.069634, 0.15398&g=Feystown+Rd, +Glenarm, +Ballymena, +County+Antrim+ BT44,+United+ Kingdom&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=Feystown+ Rd,+Glenarm, +Ballymena, +County+Antrim+ BT44,+United+ Kingdom&ll=54.957216, -6.008835&spn=0.069588, 0.15398&z=13

The plan is for all cars to let passengers dismount at Linford, and the drivers will then drive to the car park on the A36, where they will leave their cars. Drivers can then pile into as few cars as possible, and return to the car park at Linford.

Whilst cars are being parked at Shane’s Hill, all passengers will have a chance to visit the enigmatic earthworks at Linford:
http://irishantiqui ties.bravehost. com/antrim/ linford/linford.html

Portrush by train
Jan 8 @ 10:00 – 17:55

Meeting at: Central Station Belfast at 10.00am (Train leaves Central at 10.20am)
Or train leaving Gt Victoria St at 10.10am
Or at Portrush at 12noon
Distance: 3/4 miles
Finish at 2.15pm approx for refreshments
Return from Portrush at 5.05pm or an earlier train
Arrival at Belfast, Central at 6.39pm (you can go on to Gt Victoria Street).
Fare (ask for Tracker Return to Portrush at £7, a bargain)

This walk has become a tradition for the club.
The train journey together gives us the opportunity to catch up on the news. When we reach Portrush, we will walk via Ramore Head and the town itself to the East Strand and follow the beach ’til we reach the White Rocks where we will have lunch. There are places here to shelter from any wind, though in previous years we have always been blessed with lovely weather. It may be cold, so wrap up tight, bring food and a warm drink. When we return to the town, there are good venues for a snack (some of our number are partial to fish and chips) and those customary refreshments.

Castleward (perimeter walk)
Jan 22 @ 10:15 – 17:00

Meeting at: Dunbar link at 10.15am or at Loughshore car park (Audleystown Rd) at 11.30am

This is a large country estate on the shores of Strangford Lough, some 850 acres, and there are plenty of places to walk on it.

We will finish off the day at The Hole in the Wall in Strangford village.

Slieve Croob
Feb 5 @ 10:15 – 16:45

Meet: Dunbar link car park at 10.15am or at Slieve Croob car park at 11.30am

Distance: approx 4/5 miles

Grid Ref for start: J300453 at Dree Hill car park

Walk NI ref


Because of sheep grazing, no dogs please!

Directions to get there-Belfast-Ballynahinch-turn right at the roundabout in the town to Dromara-drive straight through Dromara to Finnis (you will see a church on a hill in front of you, but before that, turn to the left over a bridge and take the next turn to the right) – at the top of the hill (a straight road climbing on to the flank of Slieve Croob to your left) there is a car park (Dree Hill) to your left with a tarmaced road up to the masts on Slieve Croob. This is the place to park your car.
On leaving the car park, we will walk along the access road to the masts to the summit of Slieve Croob. There is a fine view from here of all the surrounding countryside, with particularly fine views over the Mournes range. The walk is largely downhill from here over Slievemiskey to Slieve Croob Inn at Seeconnell.
Please wear clothing appropriate for this time of the year, stout walking boots and also bring a packed lunch with you.
This walk has an medium rating, some of it being over tarmac and rest over grazed hillside.
There’s a very pleasant pub in Dromara for the usual aprés walk refreshments.

Castlewellan Forest Park
Feb 19 @ 10:15 – 17:45

Meet at car park at the junction of Dunbar Link/Exchange Street/Corporation Street at 10.15am or in the Main Car-park at Castlewellan Forest Park at 11.15am

Distance – 4/5 miles all on paths

Estimated time for walk to finish: 4pm at the latest, followed by social time for those who wish to linger

In case you haven’t noticed, this is green walk, which we felt we should use as a sampler, or introduction to walking with Out&About.

Castlewellan Park will be known to many of you as the former estate of the Annesley family, wealthy landowners and very keen gardeners. As with most of these landowners, they built fine houses (in this case a large castle in the Scottish Baronial style) and in the manner of making sure that their aristocratic neighbours continued to be impressed, dug lakes, planted exotic trees, sent plant collectors principally to Asia to add new species to their gardens, built follies and hermitages and so forth. This family were so keen on gardening that one of them married bigamously the Head Gardener’s wife and a more recent one, the Head Gardener’s daughter!

This estate is blessed with a fine arboretum, which sadly has fallen into neglect, though there are plans to restore it and the walled gardens.

Slieve Roosley, Mournes
Mar 5 @ 10:15 – 17:00

Meet at car park at the junction of Dunbar Link/Exchange Street/Corporation Street at 10:15am or at Leitrim Lodge car park near Hiiltown, at 12 noon (near Batt’s Wood)
Distance-8 miles
Terrain – Low hills and moorlands. Mostly on good tracks and paths, but some parts can be wet, boggy and untrodden
To start with ww walk past the Mass Rock in Batt’s Wood, through Batt’s Wall and through the forest to the Yellow Water River. At this point, we leave the familiar track, head westwards across two public roads to follow the Scholar’s Pad over Slieve Roosley and Wee Roosley and back down again to the car park at Leitrim Lodge.
This walk gives an insight into past farming practices as the route passes a number of derelict farms and houses.
Please ensure that you wear proper footwear with plenty of grip as parts of this route may be slippery. Please also make sure that you have adequate food for lunch and plenty of water for hydration.

Muck, Carn and Ott, Mournes
Apr 2 @ 10:15 – 18:30

Meet at car park at the junction of Dunbar Link/Exchange Street/Corporation Street at 10:15am, or at 11.45am at the car park opposite the entrance to the Ott Track.To get there follow the Bryansford Road out of Bryansford, turn left at the junction with Slievenaman Road (marked Kilkeel) and continue for 1.5 km, Ott car park is on the left hand side, past Fofanny Dam which sits to your left.

Please ensure you have suitable hiking boots and water proof gear (in case the weather turns bad).

As this is a linear walk, we will leave a car here and all travel down to the car park at the entrance to the Banns Rd.

Walk description

This is partly a new walk, new in the sense that we are approaching Muck from its southern flank rather than the much more challenging on on the eastern side along the Mourne Wall. Muck is a big lump of a mountain and once up on it through this easier route, we will walk along the spine of the mountain till we reach its broad summit where Batts Wall meets the Mourne Wall. The views for the summit take in most of the Mournes range and it’s really from this mountain that one appreciates the diversity of the mountains in this much loved range.

From here we will descend along the Mourne Wall to reach Carn, easy as it’s at a much lower level. Ott is easily reached over the Mourne Wall (don’t worry, there’s a stile at this point). From Ott we will reach the Ott Track and it’s then a likely trip to the chippy and pub in nearby Hilltown.

Ott, Doan, Ben Crom, Mournes
Apr 16 @ 10:15 – 18:30

Meet at car park at the junction of Dunbar Link/Exchange Street/Corporation Street at 10:15am or at Ott carpark at 11.25am

Length approximately 4/5 miles

There is a possibility of two walks, one of them more arduous than the other, but really not any longer. A decision can be taken on Doan-we have leaders for both routes.

Terrain – The Ott Track, easy climbing on to Doan, steep descent in places to reach Lough Shannagh, moderate climb to Carn and easy descent to Ott car park. Dogs should be kept on leads outside the Mourne Wall-most of the walk is within the boundaries of the Wall.

Walk description – this is a moderate and varied walk taking in views of the High Mournes, and the reservoirs which serve Belfast. The view from Doan is spectacular! Lough Shannagh is a remnant of a glacial lake and at one end has a sandy shore. If some wish to ascend Ben Crom, there is drama in places. The climb is not difficult but the steep side of the mountain falls away into the reservoir of the same name, with rock formations and gullies.

Directions to get there (Ott)- From Bryansford (Exit from Tollymore Forrest Park) follow the B180 (Hilltown Rd) to the junction to your left with the Slievenaman Rd (see sign post for Spelga Dam). Along this road some 3 miles the Foffany Dam lies to your left as you start to ascend a hill. Near the top, you will see the Ott Car park.

Click here for Walk Information Sheet including maps of starting points

May Day weekend in Wales with the Dublin Group
Apr 29 @ 09:00 – May 1 @ 18:00

Contact for more details.

Slieve Binnian, Mournes
May 14 @ 10:15 – 19:30

Meet at car park at the junction of Dunbar Link/Exchange Street/Corporation Street at 10:15am or at Carrick Little carpark at 11:45am

Walk 1

Walk will commence at Carrick Little carpark at 12.15 then around to Wee Binnian, South Tor, Back Castles, Binnian Lough then down to Saddle at the bases of Binnian and Lamagan and return along the Annalong Valley to Carrick Little. The southern face of Binnian is steep.

Walk 2

An easier option than Walk 1. From Carrick Little carpark up along the Mourne wall to the Summit Tor of Binnian and back along the Back Castles to the North Tor and descent to the track leading back to Carrick Little via Blue Lough or, I think even better, walking over the eastern side of Binnian to reach the quarries and the cart track past the old workman’s huts to the South Tors.

It is essential that appropriate footwear is worn (no trainers).

Binevenagh from Bellarena (by train)
May 28 @ 09:00 – 18:45

Out and About Hikers, Walk Information Sheet (WIS) 006

Binevenagh from Bellarena railway station in Derry.

Please ask for a tracker fare which is still £9 for the day.
Check timetables for other points to get on.–Timetables/All-

We will travel by train departing Belfast Central Station at 9.20 arriving Bellarena station at 11.00am. giving us time to socialise, read the Sunday papers, play cards or prepare yourselves for the day ahead with energy drinks and snacks. So, let the train take the strain and give our faithful drivers a break!

There are two walks available –
The shorter walk is circular and begins and ends at Bellarena railway station.
The longer walk is linear and begins at Bellarena railway station and ends at Castlerock railway station.

Walk Description
Binevenagh is on a remarkable plateau overlooking the Magilligan
Peninsula with a view out over Lough Foyle to the Inishowen Peninsula of Co Donegal.

From the station we will walk up to the western end to the top of the plateau and after our descent from the eastern end there will be an option for a shorter walk back to Bellarena station to catch a Belfast bound train home. The shorter walk is about 6 miles in total.

The longer walk will take us on via the beach (no Bishop’s Road this year!) to catch the train from Castlerock.

Pigeon Rock, Hen and Cock in the Mournes (with Dublin group)
Jun 11 @ 10:15 – 19:00

We will be joined on this walk by our friends from Out and About Ireland. This is a moderate walk. If some people are interested in a more challenging walk this can be arranged on the day by including Slievemoughanmore. However the main focus is on the planned moderate walk so that as many people as possible can participate and enjoy a good day out on the hills.

Meet in Belfast at 10.15am in the Exchange St car park or meet at the Deers Meadow in the Mournes at 11.45am.

More detailed information is in the Walk Information Sheet which can be found here:



Sawel and Dart, Sperrins
Jul 9 @ 10:15 – 19:00

There will be two walks on Sunday 9 July. Both walks will set out separately.

The longer walk will be free to make good time to reach the summit of Dart via the summit of Sawel and then return by the same route.

The shorter walk will go at an easier pace to the summit of Sawel and then return to the cars parked on the Sperrin Road by the same route.

Meet in Belfast at 10.15am in the Exchange St car park (we leave at 10.30am sharp) or meet on the Sperrin Road above Sperrin Village at 11.30am.

More detailed information is in the attached Walk Information Sheet (



Fairhead and Murlough Bay
Jul 23 @ 10:15 – 20:00

Fairhead and Murlough Bay on Sunday 23 July 2017.

On this year’s visit to Ballycastle we avoid the walk through the bracken between Marconi’s Cottage and Carrick More and instead we park the cars at Coolanlough car park and start walking near the top of the Grey Man’s path. We take in Murlough Bay both from the top of the cliffs and from the beach.

Please find attached a Walk Information Sheet and a guide on how to get to Coolanlough car park which is free. (Fair head car park is £3.00 per car per day.)

We meet at 10.15am in the Exchange Street car park on Sunday 23 July and we leave at 10.30am sharp. Alternatively you can meet us at the Coolanlough car park at Fairhead at 11.45am.

Pride Walk- from Barnett’s Park- Lagan Valley , Giants Ring, Minnowburn Wood, the Secret Garden and Shaws Bridge
Jul 29 @ 10:45 – 15:45


Get your shoes on, and enjoy a relaxing walk along the Lagan Valley and its surrounding countryside and hear about its history.

Meet at the Dunbar Link car park at 11.45am: Malone House (Barnett’s Park) car park at 12.15pm. We should be back there by 3.30pm.  You do not need to book-just turn up at one of the meeting points and bring your friends.

Depending on the day, we would walk along the river and over the fields to the Giants Ring for a picnic, visiting the secret garden above the river at Minnowburn prior to returning to the car park. Spot the troll-like giant wooden sculptures on your way through Minnowburn Wood. This walk is all on paths.
Please wear sturdy shoes, trainers or boots, and, depending on the forecast, bring along a waterproof jacket, plus a simple packed lunch and some water.


Pride Parade
Aug 5 @ 12:30 – 13:30

To celebrate our 15th anniversary Out and About Hikers are hiking in the Belfast Pride 2017 parade on Saturday 5th August.

We will meet up with our friends from Dublin at 12:30pm at the Albert Clock/Custom House Square with the parade leaving at 1:00pm

Neil will have some of the new t-shirts for sale at £5.00 each before the parade.

Slieve Martin / Slievefadda / Knockshee (with Dublin Group)
Aug 6 @ 10:15 – 18:00

Sun 22nd September 2013 Slieve Martin / Slievefadda / Knockshee

Meet at Dunbar Link car park 10:15am
Or at Rostrevor Forest Park upper car park at 12.15-12.30pm


This walk starts and ends at the Upper Car park at Rostrevor Forest Park (on the scenic drive). On your way along the coastal route towards Kilkeel, and on the edge of Rostrevor, look for the sign to your right for Kilbroney Park and Rostrevor Forest Park. Keep on straight up the rather steep road to the upper car park. We will walk from there up through the forest to Slieve Martin, and then by tracks and grasslands over Slieve Fadda to reach magical Knochshee. We will then return to the car park via Slievemeen, the Cloghmore Stone and Fiddler’s Green. There are no particularly steep inclines with either walk. The views over the Cooley Mountains and Carlingford Lough are spectacular.

This walk is moderate but it is essential that appropriate footwear is worn as it is over rough terrain (no trainers).

Crone Wood and Powerscourt (with Dublin Group)
Aug 17 @ 10:00 – 19:00

Details to follow.

Spellack, Meelmore, Bearnagh (Slievenaglogh), Mournes
Aug 20 @ 10:15 – 17:45

Meeting Point: 10.15am at Exchange Street car park, Belfast

Starting Point: 12noon at Meelmore Lodge,Trassey Rd, Newcastle
Starting Point: (Grid Ref: OS map ” the Mournes” J305 308)

“A” Walk will include Spellack and Meelmore, joining the others before climbing Bearnagh

Distance: Walks both 9km, one more difficult than the other

Google Ref for Meelmore Lodge-,-4.064941&sspn=18.755894,39.418945&ie=UTF8&hq=Meelmore+Lodge&hnear=&z=13&iwloc=A

This will see us starting from Meelmore Lodge Amenity Area with a choice of exciting walks. However depending on numbers and range of fitness, we may decide to stay together in one group.

Bearnagh is one of the most striking mountains in the range, and has a wow factor!
Those who like to push ahead will tackle Spellack and then made the ascent to Meelmore, descend to the base of Bearnagh at the Mourne Wall. The other group (B walk) will walk up from the Trassey Track to join the others. From here we will reach the summit tors of Bearnagh. We then descend to Hare’s Gap, and again there is a choice to go further on along the wall to reach Slievenaglogh, returning to Meelmore Lodge via an old quarry track.

This is an annual fixture on our walking calendar and one of the most interesting and varied walks. It’s only fair to point out that some of the slopes are steep, but safe. It’s a very rewarding walk with stupendous views.

Eagle Mountain, Slievemoughanmore and Pigeon Rock
Sep 3 @ 10:15 – 18:15

Meeting Point:  10.15am at Exchange Street Car Park, Belfast 
Starting Point:  12noon at Car Park on Moyad Rd (Spelga Dam to Kilkeel) before reaching Crocknafeola Wood (watch for a small car park to your right just below rock climbing face of Pigeon Rock Mountain(Grid Ref for start and finish): OS map ” the Mournes” J271- 235)

“A” Walk will include above three mountains with a distance of 8Km

“B” Walk will exclude Slievemoughanmore and Pigeon Rock with a distance of 7Km

This is a favourite  walk for many in our club, starting from a small carpark close to the the Whitewater River and just below a popular rock climbing cliff on the eastern side of Pigeon Rock Mountain. We follow one of the many disused cart tracts used in the past to transport granite from scattered small quarries on this mountain. We descend into the Attical Valley and climb the lower end of Eagle Mountain. The walk along the side of the valley is a gradual climb on to the summit of Eagle Mountain with spectacular panoramic views. We first meet Batts Wall at this point, following it downwards and eastwards into Windy Gap. At this point the “B” Walk will branch off to follow the path down the Attical Valley, and returning back to the car park over the southern flank of Pigeon Rock Mountain. The “A” Walk will climb Slievemoughanmore which is quite steep, following Batts Wall all the time until we reach the bottom of Pigeon Rock Mountain. This mountain is easy to climb. On reaching the summit, we descend to the Whitewater River, following it the short distance back to the car park.

For further information, contact Colin Flinn at or ring/text 07788748569

The Cooley Mountains (with Dublin Group)
Sep 17 @ 10:15 – 18:45

Meet at Exchange Street car park at 10am, departing at 10.15am sharp!

Or Windy Gap/ Long Womans Grave at 11.30 am

Windy Gap. Grid ref: J 129 138. Coordinates: N54.06111 W6.27466.

We will split into two groups to give choice of more and less challenging walks. It’s good to get a break from the Mournes from time to time and this is a lovely range of mountains. Last time we walked from Carlingford up into the mountains. Please note that this walk is from the other end of this part of the Cooleys starting at Windy Gap, so please don’t drive down to Carlingford!
A lovely walk with one or two short steep climbs.

Ballybooley, Sallagh Braes, Co Antrim
Oct 15 @ 10:15 – 11:15

Details to follow

The Dungonnel Way, Cargan, Antrim Glens
Nov 12 @ 10:15 – 17:15

Car park at junction of Corporation Street and Exchange Street,
Time : 10.15am
or at Dungonnell Reservoir at the carpark near the dam wall at 11.35am.

The Dungonnel Way circles the village of Cargan in mid-Antrim. Leave Ballymena on the A43 Cushendall Road. After the village of Martinstown, you will enter the village of Cargan and turn
immediately right onto the Gortnageeragh Road. Continue on until you reach the Dungonnell Road and follow this into the NI Water Dungonnell Reservoir. There is a carpark near the dam wall. We will meet up there to begin walking the Dungonnell Way in an anti-clockwise direction.

Once we come out of the forest onto the A43 road near The Rock House we will take a short-cut (marked in green on the map below) to avoid the wet section of the walk and to allow us to visit
Parkmore Railway Station. Parkmore Railway station is an interesting photo opportunity for those keen on industrial heritage, railways and civil architecture. After Parkmore Railway station, we quickly regain the Skerry East Road and walk through the old mining district. The landscape will be marked by bogey lines, spoil heaps and adits. As we get closer again to Cargan village we will see the ruins of the wheelhouse used to transport ore by bucket line from the mines to the “main” railway station in the village. The final section of the walk is from the village back up to the carpark at the reservoir.

Lecale Coastal Walk from Ballyhornan
Nov 26 @ 10:15 – 16:45

Meet at Exchange/Corporation Street at 10.15am
or Ballyhornan car park, Killard Road, Ballyhornan at 10.50am
google link for the village:! ;z=8&hl=en&mid=zRYnEC2uG7_o.kEojs2xcY5Dc The carpark is near the junction with Rocks Rd.

We leave cars at Ballyhornan, drive the mile or 2 or so out to Killard nature reserve and start the walk from there. We’ll  follow the coastal path past Ballyhornan, out to Holy Wells and loop back to Ballyhornan. Should take 31/2 to 4 hours

Cabin pub just around the corner from the car park!

Parts of the walk similar to north Antrim coastal route also signs of recent subsidence, mans attempt to reclaim land and hold back the inevitable and some beautiful seabirds. Cattle graze freely along parts of the route but weren’t that bothered by me. Or my bright red coat! Home to some rare butterflies and an interesting German lady who has had many’s a battle with local farmers during her 15 years in NI in an attempt to preserve the route. If time allows can also have a look at the ruin of an old windmill, the last of 3 that still appear on maps of the area.”

Here are some websites you can view