Membership Details

Membership Fees

Over the past few months, the members of the Out & About group have been doing some research into various sources of insurance for the group. Our main objective was to see if we could reduce the group’s membership fees. After a lot of discussion it was decided that in order to get the level of insurance cover required by the group, we would use the Ulster Federation of Ramblers Club.  This means that our membership fees is £20 per year.

We can accept cash at any of our hikes or social events – speak to Colin, or any of the other committee members. Cheques (made payable to “OutnAbout”), can be sent to:

Out & About Walking Club,

c/o Cara Friend,

1st Floor,

Old War Memorial Building,

9 – 13 Waring Street,



Please don’t let the membership fee put you off joining us for a hike! We do not expect newcomers or those that only attend one or two walks a year to pay the fee, but if you’d like to know more about the group membership scheme, get in touch with Colin – his details are on the Contacts Page.