Travel Arrangements

Even if you don’t own or have access to a car, you can still join us when we head off to the hills. We meet at a pre-arranged location near the city centre (usually the public car park at the junction of Exchange Street and Corporation Street – see below for map) before setting off to our destination. As well as acting as a car pool to limit the number of vehicles that drive to our desired location (parking spaces are often very limited at our hike starting points), this gives us a chance to meet and greet any new walkers, before discussing the specifics of the hike ahead.

Group members with cars are happy to take additional passengers if they have room – many of our current members don’t have access to a car. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lift if you’re scared of being left behind: this is supposed to be a social event after all!

If you’re a passenger in someone else’s car it’s only polite to offer to help with petrol expenses. With this in mind we ask that all passengers pay the driver £4 towards petrol expenses.